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GlobalItWebs Pvt. Ltd.


Short codes are referred to as the mobile numbers which are shorter than the regular mobile numbers. The idea behind short codes is to easily send SMS, MMS and interactive voice services. Also these numbers are easier to remember and are hence used for marketing purposes.

Short codes are advantageous in the sense that they face no overlap and are unique to the operator at a technological level. Also, while these codes are allocated then points like uniqueness are considered. So, where are Short codes used? Short codes are useful when they get compared to the regular telephone numbers. These codes are finding their places in reality shows where they get allocated to individual contestants. Using short codes instead of the long ones ensures that the audience do not confuse among two different numbers. However, numbers lent through short code are charged more than regular numbers but could be toll free too in certain instances.

At Globalitwebswe provide the individual the short code services that are robust and excellent. We are there to serve the companies at Delhi National Capital Region, The capital itself, Noida and even across the India. We help companies in setting up an auto reply short code. Also we help at setting up short code for a service that an enterprise is providing. We are there to deliver assistance whenever in need. We believe that customers are the king and any communication gap with them will lead to loss. We as such provide the short code services that will help a company gain consumers since now they will be able to easily remember the contact number. So call 24*7 IT for the best short code services that will nurture and allow best results for all your marketing strategies..


GlobalItWebs Pvt. Ltd.